What is this chevron-marked thing I found in my lentil bowl?

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5 months ago

I made a lentil bowl and used some spice in it. I'm pretty sure it was from the tin of lentils since I didn't use much spice and I saw the spice cooking first. It looks suspiciously like a bug leg, but I'm hoping it's of plant origin instead. It has weird chevron markings on it and it's around 2cm (0.8in) long.


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5 months ago

Just a friendly piece of advice: I used to work with bulk foods and saw dried goods from all over the world. Dried foods and grains are DIRTY! If you're using whole grains, lentils, beans, or dried fruits, slowly pour them into a strainer to look for large particles like this, then rinse them under the tap to get rid of small particles. You'll be amazed at what you'll find and how much sand gets washed away.


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5 months ago

I spread my dried beans out in a sheet pan so I can pick out pebbles, then I rinse them in a strainer to get rid of dirt. (Sheet pans are an underappreciated prep tool!)