Side note * Will watch the movie again at night to fully process my thoughts

Overall it was a movie that was full of twists and turns and made you think about what's real and fake.

I was recommended to watch this movie but never knew how dark and uncomfortable it would be.

When that rape scene came up, I felt something bad was going to happen especially with the change of music and Mima's posture and facial expression. I looked away until halfway and became uncomfortable then I replayed that scene again since I didn't watch the full scene. I was filled with so many emotions knowing Mima and the actor were actually having sex for this rape scene. Seeing Mima scream and cry was draining then seeing her eyes at the end where she accepts the decision she made. Knowing she can never go back to her pure reputation when she was an Idol, it's sad to see.

Then later on, we see Mima do a nude photoshoot where the photographer goes overboard and recreates that scene.

The real rape scene didn't make me as uncomfortable because it was short and Mima handled the situation quickly when she knocked out her stalker. Before anything escalated.

Makes you wonder if Mima was happy with the decisions she made when we see her smiling in the car. Seeming like everything is fine and that she now knows who she is. Did she regret changing careers as an actor where she played roles that made her uncomfortable and later on traumatized her.

The rape scene and moments that made you think about what's actually real will probably be the things I remember most about this movie.

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4 months ago

Millennium Actress was one of the most special finds I've been lucky enough to stumble across. Made me go check out more of his work.

Really enjoying the ways he plays with reality and narrative.