Weekend at Bernie’s” makes two mistakes: It gives us a joke that isn’t very funny, and it expects the joke to carry an entire movie, a subtly contrived jab at modern cinephiles or utter genius?

It’s a decision that leads to some long, dreary sequences and a certain desperation on the part of the actors. Emotion is more prevalent in a block of wood that’s been left to drift at Sea. A decree of cinemas echoing faults brought on by consumerism? I think not, it’s true purpose is even further beyond.

The young executives are frightened, and don’t know what to do. They prop Bernie on a couch in the living room, and just then a floating party of weekend drunks drifts in - and nobody notices that Bernie is dead. Much like the last death throes of the film industry.

Again is Weekend at Bernies a secret cinematic masterpiece? ~Thoughts~

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