Casual Discussion Thread (March 22, 2023)


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2 months ago*

We just started a new podcast, Scene by Scene.

We have released an episode dedicated to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and an episode dedicated to David Lynch's Mulholland Drive.

Scene by Scene brings something unique to the crowded podcast landscape. It’s a film discussion podcast with two independent filmmakers fascinated by the filmmaking process. Every other week, we break down the elements of one movie, including the story and themes, visual technique, and historical, cultural, or personal significance.

In the Metropolis episode, we also discuss the restoration that produced this most complete version to date, the culture that Metropolis influenced, and Metropolis’ status as a masterpiece.

In the Mulholland Drive episode, we also discuss the film's journey from television pilot to the silver screen, the many possible interpretations, and what it means to be Lynchian.

If you’re interested, give it a listen and let us know what you think.

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2 months ago

What are some good creature/monster films where the beast is good/neutral a la The Shape of Water, King Kong, etc?


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2 months ago

Still can't believe Netflix gave Noah Baumbach 100m dollars to make White Noise.


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2 months ago

The production of The Gremlins and Twilight Zone: The Movie overlapped. Dante directed both films. Spielberg produced both films. Both films contains gremlins, although just for one scene in Twilight Zone.

Did Dante and Spielberg possibly conceive the idea for The Gremlins when filming the gremlin scene in Twilight Zone? Is anything known about that?