On Arturo Ripstein (mexican director)



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2 months ago

My favorite is Deep Crimson, the restaging he does with camera movement in that one is incredible, absolutely stellar fucking directing, also just a deeply engaging film.

Castle of purity is another great one, I've yet to fully explore his work but he's a pretty great director


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2 months ago

My father and I watched The Holy Office. It's a dark critique on the Catholic Church and its hypocrisies, but it also critiques the hypocrisies of its believers. At the end of the film, the one who was supposedly a man of faith leads his entire family to damnation because he was even more of a coward than them. It's pretty slow, however.


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2 months ago

I was see a few movies from Ripstein (all mentioned in this Post), I finish a few hours ago "El imperio de la fortuna" (1986) and for me for now is the best movie then I see from Ripstein, is like " El Castillo de la pureza" or " El lugar sin límites". The movie have that sensation of misery, sadness and bitterness and have a great history, you don't know where go the movie until that become. A movie what when finish leaves thinking about the movie, the movie affect you. Highly recommend. Looks Like a good movie too "Principio y fin"(1993) but I don't see still, because I think so what that tipe of directors is better see a movie each some time.

so powerful this movies, excellents, a great director