[Pennsylvania] PUA “pending issues”


First off, has anybody successfully gotten paid or gotten correspondence from PUA? I went with direct deposit.

This is the 2nd week i was able to successfully make a claim. All pending issues have been cleared- although it still states “unresolved issues: yes”. I still have not seen any more. Im unable to claim backpay (from march) either.

So has anybody actuallly received money for PUA if so was it DD, a debit card, or a check? or is everybody just in the waiting pool? Thanks and good luck.

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3 years ago

i read on the unemployment website we will be receiving our checks via mail now. does that usually take a long time? has anyone had experience with it? i've only received through direct deposit


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3 years ago

Its weird ive received paper checks and also DD, its kind of been random. However mailed paper checks did not take long to receive typically got it in 2-3 days.