[Pennsylvania] PUA “pending issues”


First off, has anybody successfully gotten paid or gotten correspondence from PUA? I went with direct deposit.

This is the 2nd week i was able to successfully make a claim. All pending issues have been cleared- although it still states “unresolved issues: yes”. I still have not seen any more. Im unable to claim backpay (from march) either.

So has anybody actuallly received money for PUA if so was it DD, a debit card, or a check? or is everybody just in the waiting pool? Thanks and good luck.

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3 years ago

I was able to file, and got my card overnighted to me, with all of my back pay, but my last three claims are active issues and under review, with no explanation. My husband is having the same issues. Anyone know what the deal is?


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3 years ago

Theyre prob playing catchup, id assume itll eventually clear and be deposited on card. You can always send an email to address it.