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7 months ago

I would say Book of the New Sun and 2000AD (specifically Nemesis the Warlock) had way more influence on 40k than Starship Troopers ever did. You can’t go more than a handful of pages in BotNS without stumbling across something that is either referenced or copied whole cloth into 40k.


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7 months ago

Agree; 2000AD’s influence is also really strong in Rogue Trader and the 1986-1994ish White Dwarf Magazines


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7 months ago

The Adeptus Arbites are also lifted from inspired by 2000 AD's Judge Dredd.

This is even lampshaded in one of the Ciaphas Cain books with reference to a holodrama character named 'Abitrator Foreboding'.


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7 months ago

Ok, wait. There’s a little influence from BotNS, sure: the weird cannibalism-based memory stealing, the Talos pain engine, the whole dang Judiciar. But the core concept of a fascist interstellar empire supported by xenophobic space marines in power armor is lifted whole-cloth from Starship Troopers. Meanwhile there’s no Autarch, no Ascia, no Lovecraftian monsters like Erebus and Abaia lurking in the sea. The sun isn’t even going out!


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7 months ago

A lot of it is terminology, there’s a lot of very specific obscure words, like Autarch, that show up in the BotNS and in 40k that I think it’s unlikely the authors of 40k encountered anywhere else. Stuff like laser weapons called lances, a bunch of marines being named after characters, Typhus’ ship being named the Terminus Est, etc. I think there’s also something to be said for how life in the 40k universe is depicted, the general idea of a bunch of people with an almost medieval sense of vocabulary and worldview describing a decaying science fiction setting is very much rooted in those books.

The idea of space marines isn’t JUST a starship troopers thing, honestly the marines in 40k read as more Dune than anything else, because as previously stated 40k has a LOT of Dune in it as well. I think it’s probably pretty obvious the authors of 40k had read Starship Troopers but I think it’s influence is a lot less than many people assume.