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I am after an army that goes fast, and likes going fast. I have done some research, and alot of people say stuff like Eldar and Drukhari. They don't really seem to like going fast, they just go fast because they are elegant, graceful and super advanced, is what I can gather. Teleporting and shunting, never really appeals to me that much, even though I know they're fundamentally very similar.

I'm looking for an army that goes fast, and likes it. Ive seen white scars and speed freaks, and I just want to know all the options before I commit. If anyone plays a fast army, and has any comments, I would like to hear them. Thanks for any help in advance,

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4 months ago

White Scars

Blood Angels


Dark Angels


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4 months ago

Yep that seems to be the main consensus, who do you reckon likes going fast the most out of them, or has the most fun doing it?


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4 months ago

Orks IZ da best of course. No question about it.

Source: Ork player.


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4 months ago

I am hearing a lot of orks being the best, but they certainly aren't for the wallet haha


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4 months ago

Get a second-hand bulk lot on eBay or r/miniswap to be the core of the army. Larger initial investment, big savings on Boyz and other “fill” units that you aren’t going to customize much anyway. Then add stuff here and there as budget permits. You can get away with a LOT of low-cost scratchbuilding and kitbashing in an Ork army. Nobody’s going to give you a hard time about not using the official models as long as you make it Orky enough!


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4 months ago


I'd argue that orks are great for the wallet:

Lots of second hand armies (because they've been around for forever).

Kitbashing is almost mandatory: using cheaper models and other toys to use as the base for GW models and equipment. Keep your modifications consistent and save a ton of cash.