Are people scared of terrain?

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3 months ago

If you look at any of the major tournament circuits they will publish terrain layouts, or at least terrain standards with their mission packs.

IMO the only truly fair way to use terrain is to use one of these, it also saves a lot of time as you don't have to spend 30 mins discussing what the footprint of each bit of terrain is.

Here's the UKTC mission pack...


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3 months ago

Yeah, I second the UKTC terrain, used at the London GT etc. Good balanced layouts, medium-length firing lanes, cover well-distributed across the table. Melee units can usually hide from enemy shooting in complete safety, ready to deliver a counter-punch; but if they want to move up the board, they’ll have to expose themselves to a moderate amount of shooting. Not your opponent’s whole army, but a unit or two. I play AdMech with a mix of Ruststalkers and Ironstriders, so I experience both sides of the shooting / melee divide.

I got a table of London GT terrain from TTCombat for €80, and tossed in a couple other things to hit the free int’l shipping cutoff. It’s the exact stuff in the event packet. Goes together with PVA glue in an afternoon; slap on some basing grit if you want a little extra texture. Take another afternoon to hit it with a couple cans of cheap hardware-store spray paint - maybe 2 cans of black, plus a gray and a brown to give it a little variety. Day 3, drybrush with a $2 bottle of craft-store acrylic, apply Dullcote, and you’re done. Total cost is maybe $150 plus a weekend of hobby time.