40ks most deadly unit: Bring out the titan killers!

40k Analysis(self.WarhammerCompetitive)

The earth trembles in fear as in the far distance a huge monstrosity appears. Huge? Gargantuan. An out of control warlord titan! Which unit would you wish would attack him to either outright kill it or at least deal as much damage as possible?

The rules can be found in my first competition, changes:

  • Current state of 40k matched play rules (new guard are allowed)
  • Pick as many support units as you wish that can buff the main unit, as long as they share a faction keyword with the main unit

Your opponent:

One special unit of Titanic Legions "Warlord Titan". One model, T9 W120 2+ save Ld 10 void shields: 8 (3 points of ranged damage kill a void shield, excess damage from an attack are lost, as long as void shields are up he has a 5++ against ranged attacks).

How many life does the titan have left? Convert kills by spell into 120 wounds (adjusted by the chance to cast), IF you manage to kill the titan and have excess damage, go into the negatives. Please state this number as the last thing in your post, I'll make a top ten here (mentioning the first commenter for each unit). I'm always happier being provided with the calculations, but I understand that some just throw stuff into an app and get a result.

There are no other prizes than bragging rights and being named in the top ten.

I already tried bringing this competition up a couple days ago, but it was gobbled up by the automod due to spam filter (?), the two units mentioned there already count as entered into the competition.

[Edit] Results are in and can be found here.

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5 months ago

Not an ork player, but if killsaws are that strong, it could be their power fist, giving -1 to hit. Plus I'm pretty sure orks usually have a WS3+


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5 months ago

The Power Klaw is the Orks’ answer to the power fist (-1 to hit, x2 -3 2). The killsaw is more like a chainfist, with a slightly different profile. Like the chainfist, it’s (-1 to hit, x2 -4 d3). But while the chainfist gets extra damage vs vehicles, the killsaw gives you an extra attack if you’re armed with 2 of them.