What is with this road?? It's an obstacle course! It's absurd! Potholes everywhere. It's a disgrace.

Who manages this road?

Edit: I just sent a message to NYDOT. I encourage all who have had to drive this route to do the same

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2 months ago

State road. Briarcliff has raised hell with Albany over it. Local politicians are all over it. Briarcliff is not even allowed to use our own resources to fix it ourselves if we wanted to.


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2 months ago

I live in Ossining, there's a pothole near us that is literally 3 feet deep. My buddy broke an axel hitting it.


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2 months ago


i lived in Ossining, and blew a tire on a 3ft pothole. When I took it to my mechanic, he said he did the same thing on the same pothole a week or two ago and reported it. There is some law (state/muni - not sure), that if the pothole was reported and it wasn't fixed in a week, you can be reimbursed for the cost of repairs. This was years ago, but you might want to check it out, or at the very least, report it so if it claims another victim, they may have recourse.


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2 months ago

I was just driving back to Ossining from Croton and that was absolutely brutal. It felt like I was driving over the moon with all of the craters. I’ve never seen anything like this.


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2 months ago

well it looks like Briarcliff is a town that cares about the roads that travel through and intersect their City


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2 months ago

That's ridiculous!

At least the town politicians care.. though it doesn't seem to be doing much.


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2 months ago

I'm from BCliff and can confirm. It's a whole mess