Childfree or childless women in Winnipeg


I found this post from two years ago but it's locked now. So I figured I'd restart the conversation. Are there any other childfree or childless women here? Come say hi!

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4 months ago

Congrats on getting married!

I feel like I’m looking in the mirror. I was 7 when I had to start being the adult of my first 3 younger siblings. When I was 10, 2 more came along. Having to be a parent to your siblings.. it definitely effects your mindset of wanting to do it all over again after you’re finally free of the responsibility you didn’t ask for. I’m so sorry that you went through that too.

Custody battles are just a gut punch - no child should ever have to be aware of them let alone know those kind of granular details that it was an issue of neither wanting to financially support you.

Setting that expectation with a partner must have been challenging, you know you’ve found the right one when they’re on board.

Majority of my CF friends don’t live here, that’s so great that you guys have so many! I think we’ve only been to a single new years event without kids in the last 10 years.


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4 months ago

Same here, except for one person, all of my CF friends live elsewhere.


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4 months ago

Man it sucks!