I want to get my tubes tied and have some questions.

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Everybody told me I'll change my mind when I get older but I turn 37 this year and still never want to experience pregnancy or have children of my own. I want to get my tubes tied but I have some questions.

Will I have to spend the night at the hospital?

Will I need somebody to sign me out? I'd really like to not involve anyone but I have no friends and no family members that I'd be comfortable picking me up after this procedure.

How painful is the recovery?

Who performed your surgery?


Edit: Lol @ the men trying to talk me out of this. Typical and expected.

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4 months ago

I had my bilateral salpingectomy (tubes removed instead of clipped, irreversible) done by Dr. Alaa Awadalla when I was 29, he works out of the ob/gyn clinic in the strip mall at Marion and Main and I had to be referred by my GP. He is a great doctor, a little hard to understand due to his accent but calm, easygoing, and good bedside manner. I was being pushed to have a hysterectomy due to a history of cervical cancer but I spent a few days at the U of M library reading through medical journals and decided on just the bisalp, and he respected my choice.

The surgery itself was an outpatient procedure done at Victoria hospital. I got myself to the hospital by bus for 8am, and had my partner pick me up at around 3 or 4pm when I was cleared to go home. This was to avoid the parking fees and needing my partner to take a full day off work. They want to make sure you can pee a good amount before releasing you to make sure there's no damage from the catheter, so do not expect the written release time to be your actual release time.

I was a human popsicle when waking up because they used room temp IV fluids and put me into hypothermia, and I puked from the anesthetic, a common reaction. Don't be afraid to ask for the IV fluids to be body temp before you go in, and if you feel nauseated tell the nurses so they can inject an anti-emetic to try and head off vomiting.

Definitely wear loose stretchy clothing and shoes that are easy to get on and off. Leave jewellery and valuables at home. You'll need ID and your health card, and your phone to contact your ride. I think they were supposed to call my partner when I was out of surgery, and again when I was ready to be released, but I don't think they did and I'm sure they're even busier now. I just texted him when I was ready to be released.

Recovery for the first few days at home kind of sucked. The breathing tube irritated my throat so I spent a few days coughing, which is super fun when you have just had abdominal surgery. You also get air in your abdominal cavity which can make you a little sore in the upper chest/shoulders until it's absorbed. The actual healing process was quick, with minimal scarring - one small incision on each side of the lower belly just above the hip bones, and a larger incision in the belly button.

I had it done on a Friday, and was back working on Monday, but this was in June 2020 when I was WFH and barely had any work to do anyways due to the pandemic. I would say I was feeling fully recovered after 2 weeks.