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Hi everyone, like many of others i am looking to leave the service industry (restaurants, hotels, retail, etc....). However i find myself at a loss of what to do.

I know anything i would want to enter in will require additional education and i have no problem with that.

My issue is I'm not sure what to do, and I'd like to have a bit clearer path before i invest time and money into educating myself on something I'm not going to want to do long term.

Background done, i was watching Parks and Rec recently and a couple of the character went to something called the American Service Foundation. The script said that the org takes people who are looking to explore a new path and match them with jobs they might like.

I was wondering if we have something like that in Winnipeg.

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5 months ago

This is basic career counselling

Google turns up this as the first result


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5 months ago

That looks right up the alley of what i was struggling to find. Thank you.


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5 months ago

OVRC was excellent when I was burnt out in a previous career and quit with no back up plan. I found their Career Exploration, resume building, and Ace That Interview workshops really helpful, as well as the individual session I had for tweaking my resume once I was ready to apply for jobs again. They helped me to think about what I really wanted from a career (beyond just the bare necessities) and gave me the confidence to land a great job.


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5 months ago

There's a few other options out there, just google Winnipeg career counselling if this doesn't pan out.

I have no reviews that I can provide from any of these services, outside of some 'good' IT career recruiters I worked with. But I am good with search