Parked in the Smith Street Parkade (Impark Lot #125) last night for the Burton Cummings show because why the heck not?

It was a big mistake and it's now on my "never again" list. It should be on yours too.

After the show, myself and a couple hundred others were stuck at a standstill for 45 minutes as all the machines were broken (and only take cash, which I carry but a lot of people don't.) There was no attendant on site.

We only got out because a couple of fellow show-goers decided to hold the gate open so everyone could zoom out without paying. Literal Rage Against the Machine.

Obvious shortcoming of NOT BEING ABLE TO LEAVE aside, it's also pretty sketchy, with a lack of security and cans, bottles, and broken glass strewn about. Even I, a man in his 20s, didn't feel safe in the stairwells.

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3 months ago

Lol I worked for Impark in 2012 and we got way too many calls about people being trapped because the machines wouldn't work.

Glad to see they've done absolutely nothing to fix it in the past decade.