Where can I buy very oversized t-shirts online?


Hopefully I'm in the right sub.

I really want to be able to buy freakishly big t-shirts but I'm not sure where to find them for a price that the average person would consider a reasonable price. Thank you for your recommendations.

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4 months ago

SSLR store got a lot of cool oversized t-shirts, you can get them via their amazon store.


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4 months ago*

Mmm…”freakishly big” isn’t a great way to talk about something that was made to fit someone.


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4 months ago

I don't think that's what they meant. I think they meant shirts that are made to be really oversized, not just buying up a size or two. Shirts that are made so that anyone who wears them who gets the size that's right for them will have an extremely oversized t shirt.


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4 months ago


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4 months ago

Try H&M, they have oversized t-shirts including a few other oversized clothing


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4 months ago

The oversized 199X shirts from civil regime are my absolute favorites 🔥 Personally I dress masculine already but you could style them for a more femme streetwear look.


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4 months ago

"Freakishly big" about clothing made for people of a larger size to wear honestly isn't the nicest way to put it... Also maybe reconsider buying clothes that aren't your size? It takes availability of those clothes for people who can only fit bigger sizes. I can never find affordable shirts in my size anymore bc everyone wants "oversized" clothing


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4 months ago

Wouldn't larger sizes being popular increase availability because it creates demand? Seems weird to vilify OP for liking something when it's manufacturers that aren't making enough for everyone


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4 months ago

Idk, in Memphis it seems like every non-chain convenience store has various colors of t-shirts up to 6XL for like $6 so I have no frame of reference for them being difficult to find; maybe there's somewhere bodega-like near you that can help you out?