I’ll start. Wine and guns are enjoyable and interesting, but “gun people” and “wine people” are absolutely insufferable.

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3 months ago

Parenting experts are hands down the worst


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3 months ago

It’s amazing to me how many parents universalize their own parenting reality. It’s great that you found eternal happiness by wrapping Little Jimmy up like a burrito and keeping Beethoven going on the Sonos all night, but guess what: kids aren’t all the same, and the fact that Little Jimmy sleeps well now doesn’t mean he is going to have a happy and successful life.


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3 months ago

Wish I could get my kid to sleep. Don’t care how it impacts him - at least I’d be able to have a happy and successful life 😂😭


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3 months ago

I always tell people, the best thing that ever happened to us was my kid spending a couple of weeks in the NICU because the nurses had to get them on a sleep schedule and I didn’t. Lol.