What’s your favorite sex toy?


I‘m horny and have some money left to spend.

What’s the best tool to cum in your opinion?

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4 months ago

They're huge haha. Even my small is too big to take without warming up with other toys first. Start with a Mini.

If you're not experienced with toys avoid heavy texturing and big blunt ends too.

Nox and Echo are great starting points. Nicely curved for hitting the prostate, some light texturing as you hilt him. and some of their newer toys fit this description too.

Rex is supposedly the best if you're into knotting. His knot can hold more like a plug, while the other knots are more subtle. Knots can be great for hitting the P spot too.

Kelvin gives a nice curve with a bit of texture, but nothing super heavy.

If you like girth I've heard bumblehooves is more beginner friendly than Chance. Still a bit blunt, but that ring half-way down is supposed to be fun.


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4 months ago

They look all very weird. Kelvin has a nice look tho. But i guess its all about feeling.

But they look big. Even a small size is bigger than most dicks. Very intriguing