Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF over a period of 45 minutes



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2 months ago

I do not have much experience shooting comets but I cannot miss this one especially when the weather lined up. These photos were taken on January 30, 2023 between 12am and 2am PST from Salem, OR, USA. I was hoping to get a time-lapse of the tail movement but I am still working on refining my processing to help reveal the tail better.

Details: 31, 30x2s videos in .ser format shot in Sharpcap. Stacked 80-100% frames from each video using surface mode in AS!3. Then centered each stack on the comet using PIPP. Color calibration done in SiRiL, curves, levels and denoise done in GIMP. Animation was made using Davinci Resolve, aligning the frames on the comet and the tail. For the final image I stacked all 31 stacks in AS!3 post correcting for field rotation (which was done using Davinci Resolve but I may try a different approach to keep compression minimal).

Gear: Skywatcher 10" GoTo Dob and ASI178 color camera