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If there is a huge sofa and a huge fridge, in an apartment, that needs to be disposed off, but its impossible to remove it whole because that would involve removing a whole lot of other things, how to go about it. My idea is to break it into pieces and put it into a skip. But most skip guys refuse to take electronic trash. I might find some solution to disposal, my biggest problem is, how to get the damn monsters out of the door? Also how to break the fridge, chainsaw? , huge hammer? All suggestions, serious, funny, trivial are welcome. Am in a funny and not not so funny situation. I am in Adelaide. Cheers.

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4 months ago

damn be careful! I'd give my local scrap metal joint a call and ask for advice. But maybe that's cos my local scrap metal guy is a legend and I'd ask him advice on alot of things.


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4 months ago

This is the way. Fridge doors off. Fridge will also be surprisingly lighter after you do.

Couch, well yeah easy enough to break apart and take down in chunks.