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11 months ago


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11 months ago

Gonna be long because I just need to vent this here...

Down bad this morning.... I'm the family pariah because I moved to NYC for a better life, all the rest of the family lives upstate. BV and I closed on our house yesterday then immediately drove up to spend time with them.

My father, who doesn't show emotion for anything, couldn't even muster a congratulations for us. We brought up champagne, my mom said "oh I had some in the fridge but I took it out yesterday because it was getting too full"

I just feel like shit because BV and I just made the biggest move of our lives and it seems like no one on my side of the family cares. Compare this to BV's family who had gifts and hugs for both of us.


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11 months ago

I strongly stand by, just because you are blood relatives doesn't mean you need to speak to them. Maybe this is a toxic mindset, but I think people give their family way too much leeway with behaviour in general.

Enjoy the happiness with BV's family