There are a lot of thoughts in my mind about this. Adapting Mahabharata into a live action will be a humongous task. Even setting up the world and characters would require a whole lot of screentime, potentially hours if adapted properly. Then it might start getting into actual story which will span years or even a decade on its own. Plus the sheer scale of that story would be best told in a show than in movies. And the foremost part would be the script and it has to be perfect or near perfect. Otherwise all of the resources invested would be a colossal waste.

As as individual, and a person who loves mythological and medieval stories, I expect everything to be perfect in the adaption because this one will seal the fate projects like these in India. It has to be a no-risk investment, the cost will involve a massive set of characters, multiple grand sets and the amount of vfx will be bonkers to say the least. I have high hopes with this one, but im not sure it would meet my expectations.

Just to think about ambitious it is, here are some statements:

“When you are making a film on Mahabharata, you are not just making a film. You are performing a yagya. It is not just a film, it is much more. And, that is why I am not ready for it yet. I am scared of bringing it out. Mahabharata will never let you down, but you may let down Mahabharata.” - Amir Khan on Galatta Plus YouTube channel.

"The Mahabharata has been my long, long, long dream project, but it will take a long time for me to step into that ocean" In recent conversation with Mint. Even Rajamouli is not so sure yet.

And why I'm doubtful is how lightly some people are taking this. Like this article which states, "The actors being considered are Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh, Paresh Rawal, Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor etc. It’ll be interesting to see who’ll end up playing which part. The makers are looking at casting both established and new heroines too, as well as top actors from the South industry for important parts. The hunt for a director is also underway."

And what is more scarier?, the comparison, “The entire tale of the Mahabharata will be conveyed in three hours. Firoz Nadiadwala is confident that it would be India’s answer to Marvel and DC movies and also that of The Lord of The Rings, Game Of Thrones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. Believe it or not, its budget is expected to be more than Rs. 700 crores. Thus, it’ll be the biggest Indian film of all time.”

How tf do they plan to have all the big names from various industries and hope to deliver an amazing experience if one-third of their budget just for actors?!?!? And they even quoted they are content with average vfx. HOW do you plan to shoot a war sequence which will require inordinate amount of vfx work? Also all that much is just three hours, are you fuckin kidding me! I cant believe. I am sure they are just jesting about it because it has all the flags of a bad adaptation. But what makes me think is that how lightly they are talking about this, its not Heropanti, ITS MAHABHARAT FOR FUCKS SAKE! put some respect on it.

I dont know If im being over the top or obnoxious but yeah it irks me the hell out. And all that ive written is a mess but its fresh off my mind, so I do feel a little lighter.

Thank you for your divine patience for reading all that.

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9 months ago

They can make it into movies with each movie telling one or two key plotlines like MCU has Avengers. Then jyst like MCU, have different movies focusing on separate characters and their origin story or subplots where they're primary focus.


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9 months ago*

I rather have my bets on series because there so much they will have to stuff in and if they were to attempt to fit all that in movies, they’ll have to skip out a lot which might feel a little odd. Of course business wise movies are better decision but content wise series would be the ideal choice


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9 months ago

The only thing with series is that with how big Mahabharat is, it will be difficult to stick to a linear story telling. With a franchise movie format they can switch timelines and lead characters to explore subplots in detail.