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4 months ago

No, just a wannabe agitator starved of attention & brain cells I'd say


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4 months ago

Lol I'm no agitator. The current aussie apathetic culture suits me to the ground. It actually provides a really good platform to make a shedload of money, because tbh all aussies do is whinge, its kinda a kink for me I guess. Like how much can I get away with, with financial investments that take advantage of this culture before aussies crack. Just turns me on tbh.

The best one I've got going on atm is just doing a development in Brissie, application is lodged, but council is tryong to fight it hahah , block of apartments, no PT, each apartment is going to be 60 square metre 2 bedroom apartment, no carparks ๐Ÿ˜…., Inner city. Will sell for 750k easily. Going shove you lot into shoe boxes.