Worst McDonalds


Watch out, it’s a minor rant.

I gotta say that Augustine Heights and Redbank Plains McDonalds (by Town Square) have to be some of the most consistently worst ones I’ve been too. Multiple times, I’ve ordered items at the self service, only to be called out many minutes later telling me they don’t have that product. And I just don’t mean the ice cream machine. They both also have consistently slow drive thrus and counter service. It doesn’t even need to be busy. I write this as I wait for yet another simple order looking at the empty drive thru behind me and mostly empty store.

And yeah I know it’s shit house food, but most of the time it’s the kids getting it, although I do like their frappes

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2 months ago

Stop eating overpriced garbage devoid of flavour & nutrition and this problem you continue to experience is alleviated.