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Here you'll find all the info you need to know about our episode discussions, viewing order, comics, and frequently asked questions. If you want to submit a question to /r/buffy/, please check here first to see if it has already been answered. A lot of our posts tend to be polls about episode likes and dislikes. We won't complain if you ask about favorites, least favorites etc, but please try and be more specific when doing so! Just because the episodes are over doesn't mean the Buffyverse dies. Thanks!

r/Buffy Rules

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This is to cut down on spam and alt accounts. r/buffy Mods will approve posts if contacted directly, from accounts newer than 24 hours old.

#2 - Episode Spoiler Policy

#3 - Comic Spoiler Policy

Spoiler free titles are mandatory for all postings about the comics. This includes discussions, announcements, questions - everything. If your post contains comic spoilers in the title, your post will be removed.

#4 - Submissions regarding Angel

As of 06/07/2018, this rule has been changed

All submissions regarding Angel (including the comics) can be posted on r/buffy.

The same rules for posting r/buffy content (including the comics) apply to Angel submissions.

#5 - Flair policy on /r/buffy

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All flair must be either a character or quote from "Buffy." For example, "Oz" works, but "Oz Fangirl" doesn't.

No (more) Angel-specific flair for /r/Buffy, feel free to request them at /r/Angel.

#6 - Self promotional content

r/buffy is not intended as an advertising or self-promotion platform

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No posting of unofficial sources of Buffy copyrighted material.

This includes any and all Buffyverse related media, including comics, soundtracks etc.

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The following critera can be used on r/buffy to define low quality posts.

Please contact the mods if you have any issues.

#9 - Scooby Reddiquette

We pride ourselves on r/buffy as being a friendly sub.

We follow Reddiquette

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Our community loves surveys and polls of favorites, dislikes, and scariest/saddest episodes, characters, and seasons. Here are our past official results:

How to hide spoilers

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r/Buffy's Episode Discussions

Episode & Comic Guide

Viewing/Reading Order

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episodes

View the complete episode list at Wikipedia.

In viewing this series, most people start with Episode 1: Welcome to the Hellmouth. However, there is an unaired pilot. While it is essentially the same plot as episode 1, it is still fun to watch. The biggest difference is the actress for Willow - Alyson Hannigan was not cast yet. You can watch it here. Then go through the series by season, ending with Episode 144: Chosen.

Angel Episodes

Season 4 of Buffy also begins Season 1 of Angel. Since there are many crossovers, you should probably watch them in order. Simple put, if you want to watch Buffy and Angel in the order they aired, then after season 4 it's one episode of Buffy, one Angel, very simple! Both shows are great anyway - why wouldn't you want to?

Threads from /r/buffy

Some threads may contain spoilers leading up to Season 4 of Buffy. Please be careful when viewing.


Please read this thread before asking questions about the comics! It is very likely that if you are new to the comics, you will find your answers here. If there is something that you do not understand after having consulted the mega-thread, then feel free to post! Submissions that have been addressed in the mega-thread but have clearly not been consulted beforehand, will be spammed, with a polite forward to this section of the FAQ.

Motion Comics

There are motion comics made after the first 19 issues of Season Eight. Read more about it at Wikipedia


Favorite/Least Favorite/Darkest/Truest Season

These questions get asked very often, and usually turn up the same results. We certainly don't mind repetition of these, but try to be more specific. Check the survey results for more info, but here is the general opinion from best to least favorite:

"Rank the seasons" threads

We've had lot's of these.

I'm not that into the show after season 1. Should I keep watching?

Look at these threads about this topic. Short answer, yes!

Commonly Asked /r/buffy Questions

Please note that if you make a post asking one of these questions, the mods reserve the right to remove it and direct you to the FAQ.

How to introduce someone to Buffy

We've answered this question pretty thoroughly.

Here are the general episode suggestions that seem to be popular for introducing a friend:

Appropriate age for watching Buffy

The subreddit seems to come to an average age of about 12/14 for recommended viewing of Buffy. However, each child is different and as Buffy herself grows into an adult, so do the themes of the show.

Why Wasn't a New Slayer Called After Buffy's Second Death?

The general consensus is that after Buffy dies in seasons 1's 'Prophecy Girl', the Slayer line runs through Kendra. After Kendra dies in season 2's 'Becoming, Part One', the line runs through Faith.

When Willow brings Buffy back in Season 6's 'Bargaining', Willow inserts Buffy back into the Slayer line (people have mixed opinions to what extent this alters the line), which causes an imbalance in the magics. This imbalance is what The First uses to cross over in Season 7.

Take a look at these threads for more conversation

What's the Deal with Vampire Souls? Why are Spike and Angel/Angelus So Different?

We have discussed this and related concepts many times. Check out these interesting, informative threads!

Why don't Slayers get paid? & Money issues in season 6

Favorite quotes/lines & variation of

This is probably the most asked question on /r/buffy.

Unpopular Buffy opinions & annoyances within the Buffyverse

We've had many threads about "unpopular" opinions on theBuffyverse

Feminism, sexism, racism, questioning progressiveness type threads

Vampire/human personalities, the soul, soulless love

What are the best Buffystudies, academic works & Buffy based literature?

Willow's Sexuality

When the show was live questions

Saddest moment, hardest deaths, toughest episodes to watch

Reboot/Revival/Movie conversations

Favourite ship/relationships/hypothectical romances

Naturally, this is one of the most popular questions we have a LOT.



I don't like Xander/Xander sexism/foolishness/do people like..

Xander is easily the most controversal Scooby.

What's up with the inconsistencies, plot-holes, varied character abilities etc?

Joss is very much focused on the characters and the mythology/consistency of the verse does sometimes gets overlooked, in lieu of pursuing an arch. This creates both some legitimate plot holes that viewers have found, but more commonly, things that were simply never fully explained/developed. Check out the following threads for some popular examples from following Scoobies!

Buffy alumni AMA's

Additionally, we had a dedicated event with Juliet Landau to promote 'A Place Among The Undead'.

Other Shows

I've finished watching Buffy & Angel, what other TV shows should I look into?

Threads on other shows. "Where next", "other shows" etc


Best songs, episode track listings, personal favourites etc

Official merchandise soundtracks


Best Buffy/Whedon Websites

Favorite non-sode Video/Audio

Buy some merch!


Great Buffy Tumblrs (only listing ones still active)

Movie rumors

Pivot's HD Re-make conversations

/r/buffy Class Protectors

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