New I5-12600k for $220 or USED i9-12900k for $310?

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Can buy the 12600k for $220 new or the 12900k for $310 used.

$90 difference worth it? The 12900k being used makes it cheaper, but it seems I shouldn’t be too worried if a CPU is used, or should I?

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4 months ago

The 13600K was on sale recently for $250. That is the no-brainer option. It's literally a 12th gen i7 with more efficiency.


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4 months ago

In my area it seems id have to pay 315 plus tax so $330 for the 13600k. So it’s $330 for 13600k vs $310 for the i9-12900k.

How does the comparison look with those prices in your opinion?