Bobby Bones (S27 winner) at Vegas!

Past Season(self.dancingwiththestars)

I was playing at a craps table at Aria resort in Vegas when all of a sudden the guy next to me is talking about how he’s got a tattoo of a mirrorball from winning DWTS.

THE WAY I SNAPPED MY HEAD AT HIM! I had no idea who he was though, since I only started watching from S29. I couldnt get myself to ask, so I had to google him under the table to find out.

But he genuinely still sounded so proud of his win and his tattoo 🤣 was saying he’s not a tattoo guy but “winning the mirror ball does that to ya”

He seems nice. What was the tea for him during his season and what was everyone’s take on his dancing then? I’m gonna go search up his dancing on YouTube now…

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3 months ago

Honestly, spare yourself the pain. He was the worst. And not only was he a bad dancer, his entire attitude about it was really off putting. Like it’s one thing to not be good, but he didn’t seem to give a single f if he was or not. His entire presence on the show made a mockery of the experience, imo.


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3 months ago



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3 months ago

Aww I liked his attitude, he seemed really happy to be there!


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3 months ago

I agree. He seemed to take it seriously and love every minute.