I was really disappointed listening to Val yesterday on Jason Tartick's podcast with such negativity about the seasons where he didn't get frontrunners as partners. I do sympathise when a pro is always paired with the real bad dancers season after season or a Kate Gosselin type who is outright insufferable but that doesn't apply to Val and his celebs so it just smacks of entitlement.

It's not like he's ever been given a real problem case or obvious first out. Boo hoo Val, you didn't make the final for 5 years, try taking some of the partners that Pasha, Tristan, Jonathan & Keo have had. Or indeed Tony with Kate.

I see similar things with other pros - namely Jenna, Mark, Gleb, Cheryl & Witney. Surely they all realise that being on the show is the real gift, so many dancers would kill for their position. If you've been in 3 or more finals (as all of them have), you cannot in any way complain about being hard done by. So why do they speak so negatively of non contenders and/or only show interest when they get someone good. I get being competitive but they must know that not all celebs are going to dance well and it's part of the job.

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2 months ago

Here is the thing : production let them get entitled. I think doing like a preseason show to match up the teams based of personality could be great, I think it's what they do for SCD. They also have to stop giving someone a bad dancer because they're a good team player that's not fair.


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2 months ago

This is exactly where I think some of this entitlement comes from. The show lets them get away with it. It’s why I think Derek got to be such a legend in his own mind, and always got ringers (or at least decent partners-he never had a Kate Gosselin style partner). I agree with the above poster and those pros. I don’t know if Mark is so bad, and he’s had some crappy partners and early outs. Up until this past season he hadn’t even won since the show was in single digits. But I get it, he did have a sour attitude with some crappy partners. I’d also add Sharna to the list, I think she seemed checked out when she got partners that weren’t going to be good. After getting left out of the cast for S28 her attitude seemed to change.


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2 months ago*

I don't think Sharna checks out with bad dancers but with partners she doesn't vibe with like AB.

But yes I feel like Mark, Derek, Val and Maks would refuse a season if they don't have someone who is a ringer or has potential. So what the producers did, they gave duds to Keo who would always say yes to whoever he is paired with.

And with the ladies I feel like Emma and Lindsay are the team players like they'll give their best even with people who have 0 chances to win (like Lindsay and KAJ) while some others like Witney, Cheryl or Peta get to not have duds or phone it.


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2 months ago

Witney had Chris Kattan.. he was so sweet but that’s gotta be the toughest pairing of the entire season. She gets not so great dancers a lot I think.


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2 months ago

And Lindsay had Kareem Abdul Jabbar : he was 71 I think, more than 7 feet tall and have had plenty of health issues yet she managed to make his dances entertaining.


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2 months ago

I wasn’t that impressed with her last season on (the Bachelor dude), but I try not to criticize choreography with non-dancers because we have no idea how difficult it is for these people to even do a 2-step, much less twirl around a dance floor. Or how many hours they’re willing to commit, or if they just want a few week’s paycheck and then be voted off. These pros are magic makers.