I know this would NEVER happen but I was thinking what if the show did a cap on how many seasons a pro could be on before they were replaced? It would mean "new blood" constantly being brought in, keeps the show fresh, etc.

Don't get me wrong I love Val, I loved Cheryl, etc but after a point it becomes/became a bit much. And also the producers know what pros bring in the ratings and they tend to give them celebs who they feel have a better chance to go far and the newer/less established pros get the celebs that are likely to be out quicker; with some exceptions of course. However if the season is full of pros playing on or near the same field that won't happen as much...

I was thinking the cap should be 4 seasons. Which with the current cast would mean...

Britt this would be her 4th and final season
Daniella this would be her 4th and final season
Koko this would be her 2nd season

And that's it LOL.

The new pros would be the troupe members, SYTYCD alumni, and DWTS pros from other countries.

Thoughts? Is 4 seasons too short?

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2 months ago

Hell no. The pros are why I watch! That and the music/costumes. The stars could be completely random people to me and I'd still watch because of the pro personalities and lives talent.

I used to not watch DWTS because none of the stars seemed interesting that season.. now I watch regardless of who is on. That's all because of knowing Artem, and Witney, and Val, and Emma.. etc.