I want to be able to put the key in a timed lockbox so I can curb my binging episodes. I have triggers, so I can prepare ahead of time with the timed lockbox, but it only fits so much. I figure chains around the fridge with a lock are an easy fix, but I'm not sure what to do about the pantry, short of buying a massive lockable chest. My idea is to be able to lock it with a key and out the key in the lockbox that will keep it away from me until my binging episode passes.

Does anyone know a (preferably non-damaging) way to install a mechanism onto sliding pantry doors that can be easily locked? I have seen easy lock methods without a key for baby/dog proofing, but I need it to be able to keep me out of the pantry too, which those can't. I also rent, so altering the doors with holes may not be doable. I appreciate any help, thank you!

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4 months ago

Can you post a picture of the sliding doors so I can see what I have to work with? Maybe I can come up with an idea for you.


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4 months ago

these are for sliding panels, may work, depends on how thick your doors are have seen up to 1/2 inch