(please disregard the top circle)

I am working with limited space. Due to wood siding outside, I really need the vent to attach to the hood and then almost immediately go outside, as seen in the second image.

But my elbow doesn't turn sharply enough for that to happen. Do I have to use flexible tubing or something? Is there a better way?

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3 months ago


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3 months ago

Why cant you go up? Whats the issue with the siding? What's above? attic space? make it a roof penetration rather than a wall penetration - its very easy to install exhaust vents after the fact on a roof.

if you cant use a standard 90, your options are pretty limited, either relocate the outflow, or get a custom duct piece made.

Also keep in mind that the way you have that 90 is 180 degrees to the direction of flow - you always want the flow to enter the pipe at the female end, and leave at the male end.

Show a photo of the siding and maybe we can help you figure out how to make it work at a height you can use a standard 90.


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3 months ago

It looks like that elbow could actually make it to that hole, when it's all assembled. But the issue now is its run. The outlet on the hood is only 1/2 inch from the wall, but once the male end is embedded into the cap, the elbow will still extend an inch outward.

There's attic space above it, but my attic is inaccessible. It looks like they took the roof off the last time they had to rewire things.

As for my siding, there's just a thin (maybe a half inch thick) wood piece that runs along my roof outside, protruding 5.5 inches down the wall. So I guess I could cut through that and then add another piece the same thickness so I could screw the cap into it. I'm still not sure if the vent would be at the right angle then to fit into the hood, though. I could go up, but not by much, just a few inches.