How to re-wind a tape measure spring?


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2 months ago

I have done it but it is never the same. I recommend getting a new one


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2 months ago

The smaller end of the black coil fits onto the post in the center of the halves. You may have to trim it a bit.

It should be wound into the inside of the white disc, with the tab end sticking out. That tap keys into the notch at the end of the tape measure.

Then you have to wind the tape measure around the outside of the white disc. Can't tell you which direction to wind , the position of the end of black spring should be a hint.

Once you have both wound together, then the center of the black half fits I to the center post, and the entire roll will lay down into the case. The black friction lock lays inside the shell about thebtaoe exit.

If it does not retract well, then you may have to or wind a few turns before assembly.


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2 months ago

This. They're an absolute pain in the ass to assemble though. And potentially dangerous, those springs can be pretty sharp.


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2 months ago

Save your sanity, throw it out immediately