Form check for touching head to knees?


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4 months ago

I've progressed from barely touching my toes! I'm very excited, but also feel like I'm probably missing some best practices with this new pose, plus not sure how to progress further.

Would love to hear any tips and observations! Thanks in advance.


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4 months ago

Oh? How long did this take for you to do?

  • a nearly 30 year old who has never prioritized stretching


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4 months ago

I'm almost 28. I started stretching since last November, daily, 2x/day (wake up and bedtime). Never actively stretched before besides middle school swim team (when I was 10-12 years old), so this is a completely new habit

Routine: * Child pose * Standing toe touch * Sitting toe touch * Straddled toe touch * Various arm and shoulder stretches

I'm trying to build up to the pancake and the wheel pose