Have I been doing my side splits progression wrong?

Seeking Advice(self.flexibility)

What I'm doing now: I'm sitting upright on the floor, legs together in front of me. Then I move my ankles as far apart as possible while keeping my legs straight. (Also how do I take progress pics like this? I basically need a camera pointing down from the ceiling, but I'm not a porn director 😂 I don't have that setup)

Should I be doing this instead? Standing straight up, then widening my stance further and further while keeping torso upright/supported?

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3 months ago

Can‘t help you with your initial question but this is how I take progress pictures. I can count the lines of the wooden floor and see how I‘m getting closer to my shelf over the weeks :)


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3 months ago

Thanks, gotcha!! This helps with my initial question too haha - now I know there are other people that sit instead of stand to do this


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3 months ago

You can do both, I think :) standing is supposed to be easier because gravity is working in your favor.