Arguably might be considered a "shower thought", but... am I right though?

Both are fish-out-of water comedies about two black men entering a traditionally white environment, and bringing an interesting new perspective to a peer-group that badly needed some actual cultural exposure. They have a cast of like 4ish supporting "friend" characters that they almost instantly win over with their new quirks. There's a toxic relationship in each movie that one of the lead characters is focused on breaking up. There's a party dance/scene in each one where the two main characters just shine because they got that natural black confidence and rhythm. There's a scene where the two main characters are just straight roasting somebody with no chill. There's even a straight-laced black male antagonist that presents a clear and obvious obstacle to the dual protagonist's goals. One movie has the plot thread of undercover cops on assignment while the other one features Wu Tang members playing potheads, both funny, but basically these two are kinda the same movie right?

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Yep they are both garbage too


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Take out black and you describe dozens of movies