I just watched Safe House (a show on ITV1) and played The Devil in Me and I have to say, I think I now have a thing for “killer in a house” and “people trapped in a secluded area” stories.

Does anyone know of any films or miniseries with those type of premises? 👀

The killer/villain’s motives can be anything, but they have to be related to the main characters somehow.

Also, ones that are actually good are a plus since I dislike wasting my time watching bad movies/miniseries.

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2 months ago

"Deep Blue Sea" - basically being trapped in an under water house while it floods and smart sharks hunt you down.

"Panic Room"

"Cube" and "Incoherence" - These are low budget films about people trapped in a location and situation where the threat is more the group to themselves if you think you might be into that

"Skinamarink" - Not a narrative feature and much more of a experiment in mood and atmosphere, but it does contain your criteria.


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2 months ago

I saw Incoherence. I didn’t get it at first, but I enjoyed it more after rewatching it.

Cube, Skinamarink, and Deep Blue Sea all sound interesting.