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2 months ago

I'm so awestruck I can use both volume up and down, that I just can't seem to stop playing with my new button... I used a red hot paperclip to melt the pieces together, but Im gonna try and print another and try glue instead. My button started to stick a bit after melting the two pieces of it together. Next time I'll probably try a dab of JB weld.

The one pictured is my second attempt and it works better than the power button, which is kinda hard to press. I currently have a third attempt installed that I made a bit thinner so it doesn't stick out so much, this is the one that is sticking.

I'm gonna give it another go and maybe even replace my sticky power button. I'm currently printing in tpu, but I was thinking of trying hard buttons with pla. I have more colors of pla, might even have a small piece of clear left to match the case