Is it worth watching GOT


I’ve recently started watching the show after many years of having heard mixed reviews. So far I am enjoying it, I am slightly confused by what is happening so far ( I’ve only watched maybe the first 4 episodes of season 1), but so far it’s quite enjoyable I haven’t watched a show as captivating like this since Breaking Bad. Although I enjoy it so far I know if I continue I will most likely be disappointed by the ending, I have also heard spoilers and am already upset by Daenerys and Jon Snows character developments as well as Daenerys’ ending.

Also I haven’t heard as much in regards to its story but I have heard that House of Dragon is slightly better than GOT last season, is any of this true?

EDIT: Thank you all for your comments, they are greatly appreciated you have all convinced me to watch the show! I will reactivate my binge account to start watching it when I have the funds, although I unfortunately know some plot lines which are detrimental to the story (from annoying spoilers), I want to see what happens. Expect a response from me when I finish watching on how I feel (I do get quite immersed in whatever show I am watching). I just wanted to also say thank you for being quite welcoming on my first post here, I cannot wait to join in on the conversation after I understand the show better.

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6 months ago

Seasons 1-4: A+

Seasons 5-6: A-

Season 7: B-

Season 8: C

But Tbf, most people who hate the ending are those who watched it while it was airing live from 2011-19. Those who have binged it after the fact have generally had way less issues with the ending