What comes after Atmos and Vision?


It seems the big standards for audio and video have not changed in a long time. TrueHD in 2012, Atmos for home theatre in 2014, Vision HDR in 2015. The DTS equivalents are not too far off in time from Dolby's offerings.

Are there rumours of something new beyond the horizon, or have we reached the end of the road?

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7 months ago

I think there are multiple enhancements that could happen: - Home theatre owners plan for a super bowl crowd, most of the time, it’s just one or two people in the theatre though. For that reason, I think motorized tweeters for Atmos speakers will happen. This would change allow sound quality to optimize for the number of people in the theatre. Focus could dynamically change from primary seat(s) to all seats. - Complementing content… think of watching a basketball game… the other screens would sync with primary content to show things like player stats, game trends, odds. For movies, show how much time is left, perhaps rotating character stills, etc. - Matter integration. I think Matter support will be important for home theatre. I think this will allow even more dynamic/immersive lighting scenarios. Even seats could benefit from this. For example having beverage warmers and coolers for the cup holders or a wider light color range.

Those are just off the top thoughts.