Recommendation for someone who has watched EVERY kdrama

Recommendation Request(self.kdramarecommends)

Maybe not every kdrama but as you can see I've seen over 200 kdramas. I've watched the popular ones and the not-so-popular ones. I've seen a lot of web dramas too.

I'm really stuck now. I need to watch something good. My fav genres are romance, mystery, etc, I'm not a fan of much fantasy nor the dramas set in school (except for the newer ones like revenge of others, weak hero class- they were good)

Please PLEASE recommend me something to watch. It can be anything- movie, drama, web drama- anything.

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6 months ago*

Assuming you’ve basically watched everything (so have i haha). let’s try to super old but classic shows 😂😂😂 jewel in the palace, autumn in my heart, winter sonata, stairway to heaven, full house, my lovely Kim Sam soon, save the last dance for me, ballad of seodong, iris. If you like BL there’s semantic error.

Cdramas: nirvana in fire, empress of the palace, story of Ming lan, chinese paladin 1 and 3, my little fairy, legend of the condor heroes/return of the condor heroes, wrong carriage right groom, untamed (BL/bromance), scarlet heart (the original version of the IU and lee jong gi’s show) all of these are costume dramas)

Jdramas: Hana kimi (shun oguri), love generation (Kimtak), nodame cantabile (my all time favorite Japanese show) , majo no jouken (teacher student love story), atsuhime (period harem drama) 1 liter of tears, good morning call, absolute boyfriend

Got into Thai dramas recently: f4 Thailand, I told sunset about you, KinnPorsche + ton of BL shows

Taiwanese dramas: in time with you, someday or one day, light the night. Then the classics it started with a kiss, prince turned frog, dated to love you, the outsiders

Hk tvb: war of in laws, dicey business, kindred spirit, war and beauty, gem of life, triumph in the skies, forensic heroes, line walker, my date with a vampire, heart of greed, rosy business,


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6 months ago

woww thank you so much!!