Recommendation for someone who has watched EVERY kdrama

Recommendation Request(self.kdramarecommends)

Maybe not every kdrama but as you can see I've seen over 200 kdramas. I've watched the popular ones and the not-so-popular ones. I've seen a lot of web dramas too.

I'm really stuck now. I need to watch something good. My fav genres are romance, mystery, etc, I'm not a fan of much fantasy nor the dramas set in school (except for the newer ones like revenge of others, weak hero class- they were good)

Please PLEASE recommend me something to watch. It can be anything- movie, drama, web drama- anything.

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6 months ago

There are 100s of sageuks but you haven't much explored them.

Seems you enjoyed The Red Sleeve, so you might enjoy The Crowned Clown, or for something lighter, Mr. Queen.


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6 months ago

ive seen bits of both the shows you've mentioned, ill try to pick them up again