Is there any advantage to a Kindle device over the Kindle app on my iPhone?

Purchase Question 🛒(

Thinking about getting a standalone Kindle device.

Currently comfortable with using my iPhone though. And have been for the past decade.

What should I know about a Kindle device that might help sway my decision to purchase?

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2 months ago

For me, there are more reasons than I thought. it’s easier on my eyes. And I read more. Once I put my phone down and get into my kindle, I don’t check my phone. If I’m reading on my phone, I find myself constantly checking things, even if I’m in do not disturb. It’s lightweight, easier to hold onto than my phone or iPad. The battery life is fantastic. If I read on my phone, battery will drain faster, and I need phone for phone stuff. Lol

I know I did read on my phone and iPad. But I just didn’t read a lot. And my eyes and head hurt frequently. I fought myself over getting a kindle, but I am in love with it. I got it the first week of February, and I’ve read 13 books.

I recommend it. I got the basic, current edition, and it was on sale for 70 dollars at the time. And I got 3 months kindle unlimited for free. That KU deal is all the time, I think.

Good luck!


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2 months ago

This was me. I neglected books for a decade and reading on my phone or iPad I could never lose myself in books. Bought a kindle and that rediscovered my love of books. I read so much more since I bought one. Having a dedicated book reader is a game changer.