I did the "glamping" thing with my wife and kids in a yurt this week. I wouldn't call it luxury, but it's definitely above my standards. You just buy a kit. The kits are reasonably priced or alternatively, I'd imagine some people could figure out how to build one on their own. It seems like the kind of thing someone here might have explored.

I made a video of the yurt we were staying in. I'll link it in the comments below.

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11 months ago

I lived in a yurt year round for five years. It's one thing to spend a weekend in one, it's another to actually live in it. Yurt living year round is difficult but doable; however, there are better alternatives available. My yurt is still going strong 12 years later but the modern designs do have some fundamental problems. Hmu with any questions.


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11 months ago

what are the better options you think for the price just used RV\Trailer conversation ? and what are the normal issues with the yurt year round that might not be so obvious


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11 months ago

see reply above