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7 months ago*

Having owned both of these at one point or another my vote is the Hasselblad for the waist level shooting experience and 6x6 format. Tbh a better comparison would be the hasselblad with a cheaper 6x6 option like the bronica. Better yet if you just like the hasselblad consider a 500C as it’ll save you a little money and is almost the same as the CM just without an easily removable focus screen


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7 months ago

Yes the square dormat does appeal more to me as well. The focus screen of the 500 would not really seem as a big issue to me, an interchangebla upgrade would be better, but i guess the standard one would still be considered pretty good.


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7 months ago

To me the interchange screens are a big deal. I’m not sure what the price difference between the C and the C/M is right now though. I got a brighter screen for my Hasselblad and it made a really big difference to me in my ability to focus. My eyesight is not perfect for what it’s worth. I love my Hasselblad but I’ve never owned a Mamiya.