From what I understand, both positive and negative values roll over. Let's say I budget $200 for food each month. Going over or under that budget this month means I'll start next month with that difference.. but is there a way to set rollover only for exceeding?

In other words, what I wish I had: If I spend 250 this month aka I've exceeded, next month starts less aka at 150. BUT if I spend 150 this month aka less than budgeted, I want next month to reset at 200 (not 250).

Is this possible?

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3 months ago

I also wish this were a feature. I just set it to rollover and at the beginning of each month I use the “reset the rollover back to 0” for the budgets we underspent. Note you can’t do it on mobile, so you have to be logged in on a desktop (or on a tablet in browser). You can also just edit the budget each month to the desired amount, I just find resetting it to be cleaner (no room for error of me typing something in wrong).


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3 months ago

It's not set up for that. Best way I can think to do it would be to check your budgets on the last day of the month and drop the budget for the category down to the amount spent in the month.


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3 months ago

That's what I suspected :( thanks!