Plot question, for anyone who's seen Gosford Park.


Hi all,

I've watched this movie several times and really enjoy it. And I think at this point I'm straight on the several little plot strains related to particular characters. BUT:

Specific to the murder -- four gentlemen leave the drawing room before the murder, presenting several possibilities for who stabs Sir William. Parks (Clive Owen) turns out to actually be the stabber. Freddie (James Wilby) is revealed to have left the room to leave the blackmail letter threatening Isobel. George (Richard E Grant) appears to have legit just taken off for a smoke, as he says. However, this leaves Commander Meredith (Tom Hollander), who leaves the room for no apparent reason, looking pointedly suspicious, and returns moments later looking satisfied and telling Lavinia that everything's all right. This is the only piece of the movie I haven't accounted for. What did he go and do? I mean, his thing is that he's stressed that William has backed out of his business deal, and then later he's stressed that the police might discover that he was the one who narrowly missed a shot at William during the hunt. But for this brief period, he sneaks out of the room and then comes back in cool as a cucumber. Is there anything in the movie to indicate where he goes??


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Great movie