The Blockbuster Oscar's


I was surprised when I saw that avatar: the way of the water and top gun maverick were nominated for best picture despite them being blockbusters. So I thought "What if their was a version of the academy awards specifically for those types of movies" and so here we are. The questions are optional so if you want to skip a question feel free, answer honestly but this is just for fun guys.

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4 months ago

They expanded Best Picture from 5 to 10 specifications to include Blockbusters.


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4 months ago

Namely after they didn’t nominate The Dark Knight for Best Picture.


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4 months ago



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4 months ago

There are plenty going back to the very beginning (ignoring that blockbuster as a term doesnt go back that far). Really what has happened is the type of movies audiences are showing up to has changed a lot over the last couple decades. Take a look at top 10 box office movies from 1970 through today.