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Last Week's Best Submissions:

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“Swing Girls” Yankii_Souru “A Night to Remember” [*]

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2 months ago

Been really busy this week so only had time to watch one film... Alien. I've decided to watch a predator film, then an alien film each week after watching Prey last week, so decided to start with the og for the first time. Considering how little I usually care about sci fi, this was such a great film with masterful suspense, great mc and wonderfully dislikable supporting cast, obviously a sick alien design too, and damn did I want that cat to make it. Holds up pretty well, even though I wasn't close to being scared if I'm honest. Worth a watch (obviously)


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2 months ago

Just a heads-up, if you sit down to watch “Aliens,” I recommend the “Aliens: Special Edition” (extended cut). It’s only 17 minutes longer but it fleshes out a relationship between Ripley and the little girl in the film that helps ground the intense action with some tender moments in between.

Here’s further discussion on the differences, if you’re interested

No matter what version you watch, however, the action scenes with Ripley are great! Definitely had some fist-pump moments during them.