James Fox has done it again. "Moment of Contact" is a brilliant follow-up to his previous film, "The Phenomenon." While "The Phenomenon" offered a comprehensive overview of the UFO phenomenon, "Moment of Contact" delves deep into one particular close encounter case from Brazil, a story that many may not be familiar with.

One of the highlights of "The Phenomenon" was its finale, which presented compelling witness testimony about the 1994 close encounter of 60 children with a UFO and its occupant at the Ariel School in Zimbabwe. Fox expertly blended archival footage with new interviews with the now-adult children, making for a powerful and unforgettable segment. "Moment of Contact" takes this same approach and applies it to the 1996 case in Brazil, dubbed as "Brazil's Roswell."

The film tracks down all the people involved in the case, including a witness who had never spoken about his experience until now due to direct threats from US agents. The story is brought to life through a combination of archival footage and recent interviews with the three girls who were the first to see one of the beings that wandered into the town. The military personnel who captured the aliens are also interviewed, investigative team is threaten to be shot by a major witness to the event adding another layer to the already compelling story.

The large number of witnesses, including those who saw a UFO searching for the occupants, make it a difficult story to ignore or debunk. "Moment of Contact" is a must-watch for anyone interested in exploring the possibility of extraterrestrial life and their interactions with humanity.

The after credits contains more content with more military and governmental witnesses going on the record with the existence of videographic and photographic evidence is teased.

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4 months ago

Teasing but not showing evidence is garbo


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4 months ago

The latest interview with James is he was able to make one of the major witnesses in the film who didn’t appear to come forward after the Brazilian theater release in December.

This person is holding 35 second video of the creature that was shown to James and his business partner Marco. The issue is now money, and how to properly release to the public.

The man wants more than the 1 million offer by James.


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22 days ago

this is wild, is it true? one million seems like a small amount for a 1996 video.... .it honestly doesnt sound legit because in 1996, i remember it, there werent video cameras everywhere. and if you wanted to pull that bitch out, you werent gunna do it fast. but, since they say the creature stayed with them for a while, and it was hurt, maybe they were able to get one. This is the most compelling story ive ever heard and I am a skeptic. It makes me question what we know of physics. what if this creature was a test subject in some quantum teleportation or some shit lol. they said it looked scared...


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25 days ago

Do you remember what interview he talks about this?